Sea transport

One of the most effective types of transports both economically and ecologically with regards to the option of transporting almost any quantity of cargo. Our company provides the transportof cargo in containers or in LCL boxes as a collective service.

Thanks to our partnerships and agreements with Transocean transporters, Hanseatic Slovakia can offer unmatched services in the area of sea forwarding worldwide.

Sea Transport is a suitable solution for regular and bigger shipments, especially if the main concern is minimising transport costs rather than the time-length of delivery. Due to the booming economy in developing countries, the equipment necessary for sea container transport is now available in almost all smaller ports. Because of the uniform system of internationally used transport units (containers), this method is the most efficient solution for sea transport.

Container Transport

Hanseatic Company is ensuring a transport of 20ft (capacity of 33.2 cbm, 21 770 kg) and 40ft (67.7 cbm, 26 780kg) containers, in case of need a 40 HC (76.3 cbm, 26 510 Kg). Our team is experienced with the transport of clothing, groceries, heavy materials, solar panels as well as cars, motorbikes and all kinds of oversize goods such as heavy machinery.

We provide a free of charge consultancy to help you choose the type of container you need and calculate a price range. We will accommodate all necessary documents, custom clearance and deliver your goods to your chosen place of destination.

Collection service

Part of our container transport is the LCL service which is a container transport for smaller parcels where the price is determined by the volume or weight of the material (the charge is for m3 / ton). For most worldwide ports we offer frequent weekly shipping. A matter of fact of LCL service is the transport on the basis of door – to – door.

Direct Transport

In the need to deliver the container from the port to the designated place in the shortest possible time, we are able to ensure a towing vehicle which will load the container directly in the port and bring it directly to its final destination.

  • standard containers
    • 20', 40'
    • 40'high cube, 45' high cube
  • containers for oversized packages
    • Open Top – 20' open top, 40 ' open top high cube
    • Flat Rack - 20' flat rack, 40 ' (high) flat rack
  • kontajnery pre teplotne kontrolované zásielky
    • 20' reefer , 40' high cube reefer

With LCL parcels, it is very important to ensure a good quality wrapping to prevent any damage when the container is being loaded and manipulated with. As with all sea shipments, we highly recommend to insure your parcels.

Point Point Point

We transport anything, anywhere

Hanseatic Slovakia is operating on the Slovak market from the year 1995. The company is engaged in forwarding activities in the area of railway transport, truck transport, sea and river transport, air transport as well as multi modal transport.

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