Air transport

We provide transport in the whole Europe including the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States. We are mainly specializing in the transport to and from Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary but also Italy, France, Spain and the Balkan Region.

Within the scope of truck transport, we offer complex solutions for:

  • transport of carload freight with the use of vehicles of our partnering companies
  • dangerousgoods
  • transport ofsinge items deliveries
  • insurance for transported parcels
  • transport of oversized parcels
  • consultancy services in the area of transport

Solution according to your requirements

We can ensure the transport of various volume and weight categories for domestic as well as internationalorders: the weight can range from 0.1 up to 24 tonnes for Western, Northern and Middle Europe, from 0.1 up to 20 tonnes for Balkan countries and the former Commonwealth of Independent States; vehicles with the capacity from 3 to 120 cbm, transport by special vehicles such as isothermal and cold-storage trailers. When transporting to both European and non-European countries, we can offer a connection to other modes of transport: container, sea, air or rail.

We offer servis:

  • economy / express
  • air chartering
  • transport oversize/overweight parcels
  • door to door
  • tracking parcels
  • consulting
  • insurance

Point Point Point

We transport anything, anywhere

Hanseatic Slovakia is operating on the Slovak market from the year 1995. The company is engaged in forwarding activities in the area of railway transport, truck transport, sea and river transport, air transport as well as multi modal transport.

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